Channel 26

Mr. VGS Rajesh, the Chairman and Managing Director of Channel 26 Network.

After him all managers are positioned. The Channel 26 Management succeeded in bringing to gather a dedicated group of skilled personnel and experienced Managers who serve the country’s leading media organizations.

We broadcast a wide verity of Infotainment programs in daily basis. We are pioneer in arranging open-air public shows on different occasions. Because of our social commitment we sponsor charity shows also.

Organizational Structure of Channel 26

  • Administration Division : The performance or management of the business operations. The division is responsible for the act of directing people towards accomplishing goals.
  • Programming / Production Division : The division is responsible for producing and recording of programmes.
  • Marketing Division : The division is responsible for coordination with various Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) for generating revenue for Channel and other marketing related activities.
  • Distribution Division : The division is responsible for distribution of Channel 26 signal through all type of distribution technologies throughout the country.
  • Technical Division : The division is responsible for transmission of Channel signal and other technical matters relating to the channel.
  • Program
  • Key to Success
  • Playout
  • Distributions
  • Promoting the TV Channel



The ultimate goal of Channel 26 will be to offer each of our program participants the opportunity to produce and air a three-to-five minute segment or as much as a full 30 or 60 minute program depending on the significance and content of the message.

Here is the product line of Channel 26 :

  • Documentary
  • News Analysis
  • Live Programs
  • Talk Shows
  • Program for Women
  • Interviews
  • Program for Youth
  • Program for Teen
  • Medical Related Programs
  • Debates
  • Movies
  • Tele-Serials
  • Health Programs
  • Travel Shows
  • Cultural Shows
  • Program for Children
  • Law Related Programs
  • Computer Related Programs
  • Songs
  • Cookery
  • Scriptural Programs
  • City Watch
  • Socio Economy Programs

Each program has its unique name and duration depends on its durability. Channel 26 makes new and special program for viewers in special days. This channel maintains an archive to fulfill its regular workflow.

Program Purpose :

In the competitive marketplace of the evolving media industry, a successful TV channel must improve its growth and success, and that of its parent group, by enhancing the strategies and efforts of its creative, business development and management teams in line with the trends in the world‟s leading markets.

Program Assets / Results :

In the competitive marketplace of the evolving media industry, a successful TV channel must improve its growth and success, and that of its parent group, by enhancing the strategies and efforts of its creative, business development and management teams in line with the trends in the world's leading markets.

  • Focusing on company targets.
  • Away from day to day management roles, the group will be able to review their common thinking, by comparing the processes of others, as well as exploring new strategies for effectively developing channel programming to respond to the needs of schedulers, advertisers, audiences and distribution platforms alike.
  • Connecting with potential partners for future joint ventures.

Key to Success

Key to Success

Credible and biased prompt and extensive coverage of True Human Lives, History of their Own Land, News & Current Affairs has been the key to success of our TV Station. We have always been big on infotainment & entertainment. We have continued to provide our viewers with better parental control technology on screen. Channel 26 with the modern outlook committed to serve its viewers better. Channel 26 believes in fair objectives and unbiased coverage of Human lives & News. Similarly we are committed to highlight the national culture, history, heritage and all fascination as so far achieved.


Playout - Master Control Room

"Play out" is where our content is actually broadcast from within the Media Centre. Our staffs create advance playlists using simple software (an Excel spread sheet or an easy to use be spoke application) that instructs the server to start playing the desired content at a particular time. The content is then transmitted into the main distribution platform system we have chosen.

It is in the play out area that we can change the look and feel of our channel by using a variety of play out features. There are many options to choose between, each one offering a specific benefit :

  • Tele text services can provide additional information
  • Logos can be used to Brand our channel
  • Subtitles are useful to access a wider audience
  • Multi-language audio feeds are helpful if we are "exporting" our channel to different countries, or if our programming is likely to be viewed by speakers of more than one language.

Family-safe TV channel

Advertisements in our Channel 26 do strictly follow the International norms of legal, honest, decent and truthful advertising. The general public are being provided with a mechanism in our television station through which they can voice their opinion and feedback about the programme and advertisement content. The content of the programmes are scheduled with an awareness of the likely audience in mind. In the administration of the channel, great care and sensitivity have been exercised to avoid shocking or offending the viewers. Particularly, the programming should not harm or offend any religious group or community. All our broadcasting on 24 x 7 x 365 basis is absolutely suitable for minors, children and all ages and suitable for unrestricted viewing.

Self-Regulation Mechanism

The Channel 26 is producing and telecasting the TV channel independently, comprehensively, truthfully and on a pluralistic basis. The channel has ensured to comply with Certification Rules prescribed under the Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act 1995 and the Rules made there under, the principles and all relevant clarifications and interpretations, standards and norms by the Central Government or the Broadcasting Regulations Authority of India (BRAI). The Channel 26 does have its own Self-Regulation Mechanism in order to monitor and preview the each and every segments programme materials before transmitting on air.

In addition, the programme schedule is also being posted on daily basis at the channel‟s exclusive website, monthly brochures and daily newspapers with the purpose of showing better clarity of the content generation. The entire programme content has been designed to promote human values, harmony, intercultural dialogue, tolerance, peace, non-violence, morality and community development.

Promoting Culture and Tolerance

The Board of Directors of the Company and Key Executives of the Channel 26 always represent the interests of the general public and dedicatedly supervise compliance with the basic principles of programs. The Board of the Channel 26 has taken firm decision not to carry any programme or promo and not to accept advertisements with theme and audio-visuals of crime, violence, sex, obscenity, nudity, horror, occult, drugs, smoking, tobacco, solvent, alcohol, libel, slander, defamation, offence, harming religious sentiments, castism, racism, xenophobia, exploiting national unity and victimizing individuals or leaders.

Downlinking and Monitoring Facility

Based on guidelines and regulations of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and other agencies of the government of India, Channel 26 does keep a record of programmes downlinked for a period of 90 days and channel management is always prepared to produce the same before any agencies of the Government as and when required. The channel itself has the necessary monitoring facility at its own cost for monitoring of programmes or content by the representative of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) or any other Government agency as and when required.

In addition, Channel 26 has established a satellite downlink and monitoring facilities at its studios as well as in the premise of the administrative building in Chennai. The satellite service provider of the proposed uplink of the channel also agreed to provide an exclusive setup of down linking the signal of the live broadcasting and facility for storage of telecasted sources.


Channel 26 Distributions

For channel distribution over Indian sub continent, the channel is required to consider following five types of channel distribution with the purpose reaching regional and global viewers:

Satellite Solutions :

Reaching an agreement with any one of the Indian Teleport Operators in order to uplink the channel on most familiar C-Band satellites, namely Intelsat 17, 66 degree East, Intelsat 10, 68.5 degree East, Insat 4A, 83 degree East.

DTH Distribution :

Soon after uplink the channel on either Intelsat 17 or Intelsat 10, the channel may be turnaround onto various DTH operators in India. The channel is required to approach the Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators in India in order to include the channel in their bouquet. This digital satellite TV platform, which has hundreds of channels and a highly advanced consumer experience, provides viewers with access on a subscription basis.

IPTV Distribution :

The IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is the distribution of TV across a "closed" network to a subscriber base, rather than across the public internet. The India's BSNL & Airtel IPTV is an example of an IPTV operator. The IPTV has associated operational and platform costs for TV Channels. Today, the IPTV platform is playing major role in delivering content to millions of households in India and around the world.

WEB TV Distribution :

Web TV is basically going to be broadcast from our own channel website. By Web TV we are describing a straightforward video web experience, such as that provided by YouTube or BBC iPlayer. The Web TV can be „broadcast‟ very simply and cheaply to a global audience. The Web TV viewer experience can be varied and runs unchecked providing little or no control over content access or technical quality – it is sustainable for a Web TV operation to attract large numbers of viewers, once we use the CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology with sufficient bandwidth.

MOBILE TV Distribution :

In most territories, mobile TV as a revenue-generating platform is still in its infancy, due mainly to bandwidth constrains. However, developing network technology and more sophisticated and functional handsets means that mobile video consumption is beginning to grow in popularity. Our TV channel should be ready to take advantage of Mobile TV when new more powerful distribution methods come on stream and when Mobile TV has access to greater bandwidth.

CABLE TV Distribution :

This is the most common system the multiple television channels are distributed to subscriber residences through coaxial cable, which comes from the trunk line supported on utility poles originating at the cable company‟s local distribution facility, called the head end. This distribution is to provide signals to the public through Local Cable Operators (LCO) and Multi System Operators (MSO) to the end users at a affordable cost. Now the set top box called the cable converter that processes digital signals has been implemented for a high performance and quality.

Promoting the TV Channel

Promoting the TV Channel

Without promotion, no one will know where to find our channel, or what it's about. Fighting for a share of an audience in a multi-channel, multi-platform universe takes Tenacity, creative thought and a solid understanding of who our audience is and what media they already consume. Marketing our channel to the most valuable demographic for our genre can be done in many ways.

Direct Mail :

If our target demographic has a very specific interest, then direct mail - flyers and email for example – can be very successful and cost-effective, particularly when implemented in conjunction with churches, organizations, industry bodies, clubs or associations linked with that specific market.

Web Promotional

If our target demographic has a very specific interest, then direct mail - flyers and email for example – can be very successful and cost-effective, particularly when implemented in conjunction with churches, organizations, industry bodies, clubs or associations linked with that specific market.